Like human beings, our treasured canine pals can also establish a unique relationship with their toys and things. Our dogs can be sentimental too, and Bentley’s interesting story will indeed prove this point.

Bentley loved his prized possessions so much. It’s as if everything or toy he will get, he attaches a particular memory or story. This behavior of his was already evident even when Bentley was still a puppy. When his dream came true in finding the perfect and loving home, he brought two unique and significant items.

He carried along with him a tan blanket and stuffed dog. Bentley would be in rage every time someone got it out of his sight. Moreover, he can’t sleep without having them in his arms. However, there’s a sad and heartwarming story about why he got so attached to them.

His tan blanket and stuffed dog reminded him of the scent of his mommy and siblings; that’s why he’s very sentimental in dealing with them. As he grew older, he still had his prized possessions and brought it with him as he wandered off to dreamland.

Bentley is indeed super lucky and blessed. His mother, Kelly, is very understanding when it comes to his unique behavior. She is happy to give Bentley his space and accommodates his every request. Even though having the items that Bentley brings with him in their bed takes so much space, she is okay with it as long as her canine pal is happy and comfortable.

As times passed, Bentley began to establish more sentimental relationships with several items. He got so many toys and would bring it anywhere he goes, even in the bathroom. Who would think that your canine pal would know how to organize his toys? Yes, Bentley can, primarily because he has his pee buddies, and the rest is his bed buddies.

Indeed, it’s great to know that our canine pals, like Bentley, learn how to cherish the toys and items we give them.

Video Courtesy of  Zoo land via Youtube


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