Ben is a four-year-old German Shepherd owned by the Heart Family in Stevenage. Ben was a Christmas gift to Les from his wife. Ben is loyal, protective, and loving but only for Les.

German Shepherds are said to be loyal, friendly, and protective of their family. However, Ben is quite aggressive and grumpy with everyone, including his family and their visitors. It seems he hates everyone except for Les.

Ben barks at every person who comes to their house, including those living with him like Les’ wife, children, and mother.

At times, he even runs after them for no apparent reason. It was so bad that they started to worry that Ben may harm or bite someone.

The family decided to end this unfortunate situation by getting in touch with a show on YouTube called “It’s Me or the Dog” to get some help.

The host of the show is a known dog whisperer who’s helped other families with similar problems. It was just in time that Victoria came to the Heart family’s rescue.

Victoria visited the house to see how Ben is at home. As she watched Ben and his owner interact, she realized that Ben might be overprotecting Les. When Les is around, Ben turns aggressive and angry, ready to strike anybody for his owner.

But when Les moves out of the house, Ben becomes calm and approachable. Victoria also noticed that Les shows a lack of authority and tends to give false signals to the dog.

Victoria discussed her observations with the family and recommended some ideas and house rules that will hopefully help lessen the aggressiveness.

Victoria also advised the family members to move slowly, keep their voices down, and never run near the dog.

They were not to make eye contact with Ben, so he feels less anxious and won’t trigger him to react aggressively. Whenever Ben becomes aggressive, Victoria taught them how to send out pacifying signals.

She taught the family, but mostly Les, how to assert authority over their dog so that Ben will know how to react and obey properly. Victoria said, “when a dog is showing aggression, use distraction to refocus his attention.”

Two weeks later, Victoria comes to the Heart’s house again and surprise! She finds that Ben has become obedient and is not aggressive anymore with or without Les in the house.

Indeed, sometimes some extra dose of understanding and love can go a long way.
Images from It’s Me or the dog on YouTube.


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