Animal shelters have helped many of our fur friends find their forever homes.

The shelter staff are busy day in and day out just to keep the place accommodating and comfortable for the animals. They all deserve the biggest applause and help in any way for all the hard work they do!

One animal shelter in Nashville called Metro Animal Care & Control was in dire need of renovation on their facilities. Because of the high traffic of activities they had of serving and caring for abandoned animals, they figured that it was time for their shelter to go through a makeover. But one thing was worrying them. Where would they get the funds for it?

Usually, the shelter gets money to cover renovation fees from the money reserved for the animals’ daily needs. But thanks to the generous donations given by a charity called Rescue Rebuild, the shelter was able to pay the renovation fees without taking funds reserved for the animals in the shelter. But the help they received wasn’t only through funds.

Volunteers also came to help lend a hand by doing manual labor in renovating the shelter. The group of volunteers gave their all and made the shelter look like it was brand new! They divided their workload; some worked on the inside, while the others worked on the outside.

It was a united effort that resulted in a beautiful finish! They worked on fixing and beautifying the doggy trail and play yard. They also repainted the walls of the training rooms and the greet-and-meet rooms.

Even the photography room for cats was redecorated. They also converted one storage room into a photography area. Now they could take more colorful and adorable photos of rescue cats.

No doubt, the staff members in the shelter are very much grateful for all those who participated. These people helped them make their dream shelter become a reality. So to every other volunteer around the world who share their funds to shelters, we thank you all!

Credits to Metro Nashville Animal Care and Control


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