Some dogs are born lucky – they have families who love and care for them. On the other hand, some live harsh lives. An unfortunate Pit Bull lived the latter. His previous owner abandoned him. Not just that – it is as if they left him for dead. He’s all skin and bones when volunteers at a local shelter took him in.

Poor Kobe looked depressed in his slumbered state. According to his rescuers, the dog seemed to lose all hope – battered by years of hardship. It is hard to think that some people are capable of neglecting and abusing their pets. But then again, if there are cruel people, good-hearted ones also exist.

Good thing there’s Sean and Jane Stinchcomb, a couple from Maryland, who act as Kobe’s foster parents. At long last, Kobe gets to experience a better life – one he has never had the privilege to enjoy.

Kobe seems to enjoy his new foster home. In all of his four years of existence, this time is the most fun he’s ever had! Sometimes Sean and Jane would give him a McDonald’s cone – and boy, did he enjoy every slurp! The small tastes of freedom gave him the happiness he did not experience before.

The Stinchcomb couple also owns two other Pitbulls plus four naughty cats who are now Kobe’s new friends. According to Jane, Kobe adjusted to foster home life quickly. The dog seemed to have endless fun – always smiling and wagging his tail.

While Kobe waits for his forever home, he first enjoys the company of his foster parents and siblings. With this new development in his previously miserable life, Kobe makes the most of his every day with contagious smiles and a happy spirit. He loves his foster family, dear, for with them, he feels loved and protected.

credits: CreepyWorld via YouTube 


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