The Spence family has three lovely kids and five adorable rescue pets. They are an animal-loving family. And for some reason, animals who need help and have nowhere else to go tend to gravitate to them.

One of their rescue pets is a senior English pointer named Nora. Her rough start in life caused her to be terrified of everything, but not with the family’s baby named Archie. Elizabeth Spence, Archie’s mother, said that Archie is such a good-natured and extremely laid-back baby. Because of that, animals, especially Nora, tend to love him a lot.

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The Little Boy/Girl Who Lost His/Her Name. I've heard about this book from for some time now and I finally got around to checking it out and ordering one for each kid for Christmas.( I let Archie check his out beforehand, because, I doubt he'll remember anyway 😜.) To say I'm thrilled with the book is putting it mildly. I won't spoil the ending, but I positively cried when I reached the last page! I'm pretty sure the kids will appreciate it too (for years and years to come!) I say this from the heart, If you're stumped for a children's gift and are looking for something with a personalized touch, this might be exactly what you are looking for ❤️. Happy weekend, friends! #lostmyname #nappingwithnora #rescuedog #adoptdontshop (sorry for the reposts; I'm having major techno glitches the past few days! 😳)

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Nora adores Archie. She feels safe whenever she is with Archie. She follows him wherever he goes. She also does everything that Archie does.

Elizabeth said that Nora would lie down on the mat and wait for Archie to finish his bath. Nora would also stay on Elizabeth’s lap when she is nursing him. If Archie is playing, Nora would also be there to cheer him on.


Nora and Archie’s favorite spot is the family’s playroom. They have had numerous adventures in the playroom together. They love taking naps and doing lots of cuddles together too.

Archie is not the only child in the family who loves animals. His siblings, Loretta and Wellington, are animal lovers too. They would all enjoy hanging out and playing together. Elizabeth said that she and her husband taught their children to respect animals at such a young age. Because of that, their dogs and cats love and trust them in return.


Now that Nora has found a loving family and a buddy that she trusts and love, her world has become a lot less scary. As long as they are together, Nora will always feel safe and happy. Hopefully, she will be able to completely move on from her troubled past soon.

Credit: Elizabeth Spence

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