Johnson County Animal Shelter discovered a 2-year-old German Shepherd mix who was tied to a tree in Indiana a couple of weeks ago.

The dog Roadie was found with a heartwrenching note from her previous owner that crushed her rescuers’ hearts to thousands of pieces.

The letter states that Roadie was a spoiled little dog. But Roadie’s dad provider her with her couch to nap on a very comfortable memory foam bed to sleep in every night. However, Roadie’s human dad lost his job and eventually his home from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The letter also encourages everyone to pray for her dad and for her to find the right home. The White River Township’s Fire Chief, Jeremy Pell, was incredibly moved by Roadie’s heartbreaking story.

Also, Chief Pell has admitted that he is heartbroken. Also knowing that a family was suddenly put in a challenging position and for a dog to go through all the unexpected changes.

Chief Pell said that the story’s timing moved him since he was also hoping to find a new Search and Rescue K9 unit for his team. Chief Pell felt that Roadie seemed to fit the job description, especially when he saw Roadie’s soulful eyes and beautiful posture.

Roadie also looked like the perfect dog to do the work since he is a well-balanced dog who had the personality needed to be a Search and Rescue pup.

Chief Pell decided to adopt Roadie and renamed her Rosie. Rosie is currently undergoing training to be White River Township Fire and Johnson County Sheriff’s Department’s Search and Rescue Dog.

Chief Pell said that he and his team would give Rosie a second chapter to her life and provide her with a job that saves people’s lives.

Chief Pell said that he and his team are excited to see Rosie in the fields.


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