Lauren Gauthier of Buffalo, New York, was extremely thankful to her dog for helping her find out at an early stage that she had a cancerous lump on her face.

The dog named Victoria, a Treeing Walker Coonhound was rescued only a few months ago. Victoria, although being a one-eyed dog.

Victoria showed how valuable she could be when she alerted her owner about the disease she was suffering from.

Victoria used to continuously sniff around a reddish lump, which was present on the face of Lauren near the nostril area.

Although Lauren had not seen the lump before, but persistent sniffing of her dog around that area led her to notice the abnormality.

When Lauren went to the doctor to get herself examined. When the doctor suggested a skin biopsy, and it came out as a basal cell carcinoma.

Lauren said that she was fond of getting tanned and was using tanning beds frequently.

She now believes that recurrent use of the tanning bed procedure could be the reason behind the development of a cancerous lump on her skin.

Also Lauren had actually noticed the reddish area earlier on her face, but she thought that it’s only a scratch.

It was then only after Victoria’s continuous and unusual sniffing of the area that made Lauren suspicious of the lump and made her get it checked.

It had been only eight months that Lauren and her husband Benjamin adopted Victoria. Victoria came to their house with an eye injury, which was most probably a result of reckless hunting.

Having Victoria at their home turned out to be very beneficial as Lauren and got her cancer diagnosed in time.

Lauren got the surgery done, and the cancer was removed. Lauren has a slightly scarred nostril now, but she is happy that she is free from cancer and is looking forward to a healthy life.

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