An engagement ring belonging to a woman from South Africa ended up in her dog’s stomach, which was later confirmed by x-rays.

One of the woman from Pretoria took her dog to the local veterinary hospital on having a suspicion that the pooch had swallowed her expensive wedding ring.

All of the animal hospital staff at the later shared the images of the dog named Pepper on their Facebook page.

The Veterinary at the hospital wrote on its Facebook page on behalf of Pepper. The vet had given her a drug to make her puke not because the vet was mean but because she had swallowed a ring.

So at the hospital the Veterinary added on behalf of the pooch that it seemed a good idea to swallow the engagement ring at the time. The Veterinary hospital also shared x-ray images of the engagement ring lodged in the pooch’s belly.

Then the Vet was able to remove the wedding ring from the dog’s stomach safely. The owner was relieved to have the expensive ring returned to her. Then the hospital staff said that the dog just vomited out the ring, and no surgical procedure was required.

All the staff had added that the ring was as good as new when it came out Peppers stomach. It could be said that the ring was in a better condition now, because the owner had an amusing story to tell.

A photo was posted by the animal hospital on their social media page. It shows a woman holding the diamond ring in her hand safe and sound. One of the Facebook users jokingly commented that the dog seemed to have a good taste.

Another Facebook user wrote on behalf of the pooch. That the dog she was just trying to give the diamond ring some extra shine by using the acid inside her stomach.
Image source: Valley Farm Animal Hospital via Facebook


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