Madison Palm rescued Cora from a backyard breeder a few months before the dog’s 8th birthday. Madison’s co-worker told her about a dog who was killing the family’s chicken and was given away to the first person who will come to get her.

When she saw Cora’s picture, Madison went right away to meet Cora after work. She saw the dog was not fed properly and was left outdoors, even if the dog was producing numerous litters of puppies.

Madison moved to a new place because her landlord didn’t allow her to have two dogs. Madison found a new home that had a yard. She’s very impressed that Cora is kindhearted despite her awful past.

Cora’s sympathy came from her dreadful experience. Madison says Cora is very sensitive, patient and always excited to meet everyone.

Madison knows that her dog can sense someone who needs consolation. But she was still amazed and moved when Cora approached a man sitting alone at the airport.

Madison and Cora were in the airport in Idaho since they will be traveling to Alaska to visit Madison’s mother. Cora silently moved away from Madison during their long layover and approached the man.

Cora walked her way to the man and sat at his feet. Madison saw that the man began to cry when Cora approached him. He petted her, told Cora how lovely she was, and he took a  photo of her. The man also told Madison that he lost his dog the night before.

Cora sensed people who are hurting, and she knows who needs friendship and love. And she felt blessed to have Cora as her dog.

Cora is indeed a gift for Madison. Madison never thought that a dog who was unloved all her life could have so much love to give.

Watch the full video below so you will be inspired by Cora:

Source: videoinspirational via YouTube


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