Holly Brookhouser is an animal rescuer who lives in Arkansas with her family. She has a senior rescue Chihuahua named Mini, who adores children. Mini may be small, but she packs a lot of love.

They adopted Marcelo in October 2018. When he arrived, they found out that he was very fearful of dogs. He would panic and didn’t want to be near any of them.

Mini was persistent because she wanted to be friends with him. She found a way to get close to Marcelo without scaring him away.

She kept following him around, and Marcelo started to get interested in her. When Mini first kissed Marcelo, that melted his heart. He learned that dogs are alright. He finally let himself get close to Mini.

She knew that this boy needed her love and comfort as he gets used to a new place and a new family. She made Marcelo feel safe.

Mini always watched over Marcelo wherever he is. When Marcelo got sick, she cuddled next to him to keep him company while he’s recovering. Mini often took the chance to snuggle with him when he’s sitting still to read books.

Marcelo started to seek Mini’s company even when he goes outside to play. He made sure that Mini stays with him when he rides his car or runs around in the wagon.

They liked to swing or lay in the hammock. At breakfast time, Marcelo would look for her and secretly give her some of his cereal. They were inseparable.

Mini loved to give him kisses. Marcelo pretended to stop her,  but, in actuality, he enjoyed it.

Mini taught them how unconditional love should be. She was very patient with Marcelo. It was wonderful to see that she did so much for his well-being.

Source: The Dodo via YouTube


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