Dog grooming can be a very unpleasant experience for both you and your dog if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s the reason there are professional groomers to do the job, right? If saving a few dollars is what you want, then spend some time with your loyal companion and try avoiding the few mistakes listed below to make the experience more positive and fun.

Don’t forget to train your dog

Although dogs groom themselves naturally, being groomed by humans can be a scary experience. All those equipment used is enough to transform the calmest dog to the most anxious one. Hence, it is a must that you train your dog for grooming. See to it that your dog is used to being touched in the tail, paws, face and their entire body.

Also, it is vital that your dog is accustomed to being touched by other people should you need to rely on a professional groomer. It is not an impossible task because older or adopted dogs can even get used to grooming sessions. During training, make him comfortable as possible and be ready with lots of treats. Make the experience fun and positive by giving him rewards for good behavior and praises.

It is only normal that your dog may show signs of anxiety, but be gentle and be firm. Remember that dogs will pick up the mood you are setting. If you are agitated, they will become agitated too. So relax and be reassuring to them.

Brush your dog’s fur before getting them wet

Breeds with exceptionally long hair should be brushed before bathing. Long hair means easy matting especially when it’s wet. When in water, hair gets tangled, and it can be painful to clean later. So a quick brushing before bath time can prevent painful brushing after bathing.

Never forego hair brushing after bath time

Don’t fail to brush your dog’s hair after bath time. To make the after bath brushing easier, brush your dog’s hair before his bath. Falling hair is a common occurrence and get twisted with the rest of the coat which can be difficult to remove later on.

Failure to groom dogs in winter

Unfortunately, some dog owners won’t cut their dog’s hair thinking that doing so will make their pooch cold. And along with haircuts, other grooming needs are neglected as well. This option would often lead to extreme matting even before the warmer season comes around. Now, the only way to resolve this situation is by shaving your dog’s coat.

Furthermore, dogs with long hair don’t stay warm during winter. So don’t forgo the grooming to avoid extreme matting later on.


See to it that grooming sessions are a regular occurrence in your home. Some dog owners would skip a particular season of each year for some reason. It will often result in several conditions that would make your dog wary of any form of grooming. Hence, see to it that your dog still get some form of grooming if not full.


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