There’s no doubt that animals are loved by most people, especially social media users. We couldn’t resist their charm and their adorable appearance. We even love sharing photos of those animals with unique features.

This particular dog is one of those animals with distinct features. Marnie, an 18-year-old Shih Tzu, always has her tongue out. This gives her a funny yet adorable facial expression.

Marnie looks young despite her age. Aside from her distinct tongue, her head is also permanently tilted to the left. It’s caused by a vestibular disease, which causes imbalance or disorientation of body parts.

It’s common for senior dogs to have some health issues. But, nothing stops Marnie from showing the world how adorable she is. In fact, her charm won her almost 2 million followers on Instagram alone.

There’ no denying that Marnie is quite a celebrity. She has even made a few celebrity friends like Nina Dobrev, Demi Lovato, Jimmy Kimmel, and Neil Patrick Harris. Here are some photos of her encounters with famous people:


According to her owner, Marnie’s popularity is beneficial because her fame makes it easier to educate people about senior dogs. Her Instagram posts are full of adorable photos, which might convince people to consider adopting senior dogs as well.

Marnie used to stay at an animal shelter for a long time. She was once called Stinky because when she first arrived at the shelter, she had matted fur and smelled really bad. Thankfully, someone decided to adopt her.

Her owner gave her a new name, Marnie. From then on, she had been well taken care of. She received treatments, and she was given a home and a family who loves her deeply.

Every dog deserves a second chance. Most of the time, people prefer taking home cute little puppies rather than senior pooches. It’s time for us to think about helping older dogs to enjoy life outside animal centers.

Thank you to marniethedog for sharing these beautiful photos.


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